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Member Payment Projections

January 2018
Member Payment Projections are updated from October through May
Posted on 2/13/2018

District 6
Central, Northeastern Minnesota; South Central Ontario, Canada.

 District 19
Iowa; Dakota County, Nebraska; Moline, Illinois

 District 24
Central Western and Eastern Nebraska

 District 42
Southern Alberta; Saskatchewan, Canada

 District 64
Manitoba; Western Ontario, Canada; North-Western Minnesota

 District 78
South Dakota; North Dakota; Montana; North-Western Minnesota

 District 99
Nothern Alberta; Saskatchewan, Canada

 Region IV
The Region 4 Summary


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xls District 6 Spreadsheet   pdf District 6 PDF
xls District 19 Spreadsheet   pdf District 19 PDF
xls District 24 Spreadsheet   pdf District 24 PDF
xls District 42 Spreadsheet   pdf District 42 PDF
xls District 64 Spreadsheet   pdf District 64 PDF
xls District 78 Spreadsheet   pdf District 78 PDF
xls District 99 Spreadsheet   pdf District 99 PDF
xls Region 4 Spreadsheet   pdf Region 4 PDF

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 Understanding the Member Payment Projections page
Membership Payments is a significant goal in the Distinguished District Success Plan. Estimating the year end membership payment total can be very valuable on a monthly basis throughout the year. This ‘Member Payment Projection’ page provides a method of determining the anticipated total member payments in the District at June 30th of the District Year.
The projection is based upon trends and averages of the past four District years in two categories:
- Average number of new members per month
- Average percentage renewal of memberships for the April semi-annual renewals (How many people that were members on March 31 renewed their membership in April)

The page provides projections for the months of October to May each year. This is because:
- Until the October semi-annual payments have a solid base of membership renewals, there isn’t any valuable data to base the projections upon for prior months
- May is the last projection month provided, since the objective of this page is to project the June month end total. By the time the May month end reports are available is usually in the first week or so of June, so the closest projection possible is based upon the May month end total

Details about the projection page:
- Populate the average number of new members on a monthly basis covering Oct to May. This average is expected to be based on the past four complete years. Update these numbers in the document once per year
- DO NOT populate any cells that are grey in color. These are Grey because of the progression of months throughout the year. Using any membership totals in those Grey cells would over inflate the projections
- Calculate and update the Average semi-annual renewal percentage in two places. This is a four year average value, and is calculated as follows:

  • the total amount of April semi-annual payments as of June 30. Use the total April membership renewal number for the District from the June 30th report
  • divide by the total of March 31 membership payments. This is calculated as the total membership payments from the March 31 report, less the total of April membership renewals from the same March 31 report. The total number of April semi-annuals from this report needs to be deducted to ensure the April renewals aren’t double counted in the calculation

- The lower portion of the projections page needs to be filled in each month by the appropriate District Officer, based on information known in each line (each “?” symbol). This information cannot be captured from the International Performance Reports – it will only be known within the District as the officers track pending club renewals and new club development

Updating the Projections on a monthly basis:
- Enter the actual member payment total for the month end in the top line

  • For the October through March period, be sure to subtract the April renewal total from this number.  If the April amount isn't deducted, then the final projection total will be over inflated by essentially double counting the April amounts in the October to March time period

- Confirm that the ‘Projected Member Payment over Goal’ line in the mid section of the page populates. If it doesn’t, you probably need to copy that calculation to each subsequent month column as a monthly routine. Use the standard Copy and Paste” function and copy the formula in the prior month and paste it into the current month. This is done to ensure the projections on the following months are calculated accurately
- Update the ‘Member Payment Goal (Distinguished District)’ cell as required. This number often needs to be adjusted monthly. That is because this minimum Distinguished District goal number is seldom finalized until mid-year or perhaps later due to late June 30 member payments from the prior District year still being processed throughout many subsequent months after July 1
- Complete the lower section of the page for the month being updated, by replacing the “?” fields with the number of anticipated member payments from unpaid clubs and new clubs in development. Watch the calculation needed at the end of the Oct 31 to Mar 31 section to show the added projected renewals

The final number is?
- There are two pivotal projection numbers on the report

  • The Projected total at about mid-page based on information reported via the regular performance reports
  • The final line total which includes all the manual data added to the report based upon District Officer knowledge

This report has proved the projections are on-track with high certainty over many years of use by the District 42 officers.

Direct any questions to Ken Tanner

Understanding the Member Payment Projections page - PDF
Understanding the Member Payment Projections page - Word Document